Land Transactions

Public Notification of Land/Buildings Under Transaction In pursuant to section 161 of Land Act of Bhutan 2007 and Section 96 of the Land Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2007,Following transactions of the Land/buildings falling within the Phuentsholing Municipal Area are under transaction as detailed below.

TID No.13/09/17 to13/10/17 Thram No. Plot No. Location Name of the Seller
Name of the Buyer
Area or bldg/flat to be transacted Period for Public View
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170070 606 PGT-2918 Kabreytar LAP Bhakta Bdr.Ghalley Manjita Lama 5288 sq.ft 25/09/17to 25/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170069 3216 PGT-3178 Kabreytar LAP Tilchand Acharya Tandin Wangyel 5662.8 sq.ft 25/09/17to 25/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170068 606 PGT-761 Kabreytar LAP Sonam Yangzom Yangka Dawa Dorji


Karma Yangley



18/09/17 to 18/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170059 140 PGT-1812 PGT-3052 Moe Jigme Ghalay Madani Prasad 18352 sq.ft 13/09/17to 13/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170056 233 PGT-2041 Rinchending Mukta Dungana Purna Bahadur Rai 36590 sq.ft 11/09/17 to11/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170051 2069 PGT-2538 Dhamdara LAP Zeko Kuenzang 3049 sq.ft 05/09/17 to05/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170050 704 PGT-108 Dhamdara LAP Doma Sugiura Passang TsherinDorji 6665 sq.ft 05/09/17 to05/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170049 286 PGT-734 Pekarzhing Shyam Kumar Ghalley Zimbiri 44021 sq.ft 01/09/17 to02/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170048 946 PGT-2211 Allay Tashi Dendup Nedup Zangmo 43560 sq.ft 01/09/17 to02/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170047 30 PGT-3538 Dhamdara LAP Dhan Bdr. Rai Laxuman Rai 5845 sq.ft 01/09/17 to02/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170042 1443 PGT-1045 Pekarzhing Jamphel Dorji Lobzang Nima 3964 sq.ft 28/08/17 to28/09/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170031 96 PGT-1595 Kabreytar LAP Dorji Phuntsho Kezang Dema,Ugyen wangchuk,Tshultrim phuntsho,tshoki zangmo & tshering choden flat transfer(1,4,6,7 and G+1(2 storey) 04/09/17 to 04/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170038







PGT-1340  PGT-1892

PGT-1043  PGT-1789  PGT-1775








Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup



Bobby Ghallay

Sersang Kbong Food Private Limited 42689 sq.ft

5663 sq.ft


11326 sq.ft




17/08/17 to16/09/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170023 693 PGT-379 Allay Parmakhar Chapagai Nedup Zangmo 11326 sq.ft 01/09/17 to02/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170022 694 PGT-381 Allay Krisha Prasad Sharma Nedup Zangmo 12197 sq.ft 01/09/17 to02/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170021 692 PGT-378 Allay Durga Maya Acharya Nedup Zangmo 12197 sq.ft 01/09/17 to02/10/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170016 1127 PGT-457 Core Nado Gyeltshen Dorji Ground Floor(Flat np 1 & 2) 06/09/17 to06/10/17

TID#Transaction ID Number assingned by the Phuentsholing Land record section.Any appeal/complain/objection by anybody who is affected by the above transactions must be made in writing within above cited stipulated date without fail.