Land Transactions

Public Notification of Land/Buildings Under Transaction In pursuant to section 161 of Land Act of Bhutan 2007 and Section 96 of the Land Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2007,Following transactions of the Land/buildings falling within the Phuentsholing Municipal Area are under transaction as detailed below.


TID No.13/09/17 to13/10/17 Thram No. Plot No. Location Name of the Seller
Name of the Buyer
Area or bldg/flat to be transacted Period for Public View
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170077 149 PGT-1791 Rinchending LAP Kelzang Dorji  Mamta Pradhan
Bhim Kumari Giri
Sonam Choki
Pushpa Rai Humagai
Sonam Choden
Man Maya Pradhan
Flat No. 01
Flat No, 02
Flat No. 03
Flat No. 04
Flat No. 05
Flat No. 06

24/11/17 to 24/12/17

Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170087 544 PGT-2256 Pekarzhing LAP Madan Lama  Norbu Gyeltshen 15682 sq.ft 24/11/17 to 24/12/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170090 1739 PGT-1545 Pekarzhing LAP Sonam Om  Kuenga Tenzin 4988 sq.ft 20/11/17 to 20/12/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170089 606 PGT-2918 Phuentsholing Toe Manjita Lama  Ugyen 5288 sq.ft 13/11/17 to 13/12/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170088 617 PGT-261 Kabreytar LAP Riksel Wangchuk Tshering  Karma Dorji, Pema Tenzin & Sonam Tobgay 17250 sq.ft 22/11/17 to 22/12/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170084 875 PGT-3139 Rinchending LAP Thinley Dorji  Sonam Tobgay Dorji 4356 sq.ft 20/11/17 to 20/12/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170078 323 PGT-635 Alley (Rinchending LAP) Dorji  Sonam Lhakey 9583 sq.ft 13/11/17 to 13/12/17
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/23170087 359 PGT-773 Kabreytar LAP Phajo Nidup & Choden  Sonam Norzin 4983 sq.ft 2/11/17to 2/12/17

TID#Transaction ID Number assingned by the Phuentsholing Land record section.Any appeal/complain/objection by anybody who is affected by the above transactions must be made in writing within above cited stipulated date without fail.