Land Transactions

Public Notification of Land/Buildings Under Transaction In pursuant to section 161 of Land Act of Bhutan 2007 and Section 96 of the Land Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2007,Following transactions of the Land/buildings falling within the Phuentsholing Municipal Area are under transaction as detailed below.

TID No. Thram No. Plot No. Location Name of the Seller
Name of the Buyer
Area or bldg/flat to be transacted Period for Public View
Pling Thromde/LT/2017/231700044 509 PGT-2289 Rinchending Krishna Bdr. Tamang Nar Hari Sharma 5554(sq.ft)  

09/05/17 to


Pling Thromde/LT/2017/231700043 368 PGT-807 Damdara LAP Laxmi prasad giri Bhanu Bhaka Ahikari 5554(sq.ft)  

04/05/17 to


Pling Thromde/LT/2017/231700042 223 PGT-2010 Kabreytar LAP Thinlay Pemo & Kardenmo Letho 7283(sq.ft 04/05/17to


Pling Thromde/LT/2017/231700041 593 PGT-214 Allay Ganga Maya Pradhan Sangita Pradhan 6534 sq.ft 03/05/17 to


Pling Thromde/LT/2017/231700040 750 PGT-2542 Damdara LAP Tshechu Dorji Wong Tshechu Dorji 12959 sq.ft 03/05/17 to


Pling Thromde/LT/2017/231700038 750 PGT-2992 Core Beda Dorji Phuntsho Wangyel Dorji,Sonam Tobgay Dorji,Thinley Wangchuk Dorji & Hakee Dorji 34000 sq.ft 17/04/17 to


Pling Thromde/LT/2017/231700035 1417/84 PGT-994/


Rinchending /Phuentsholing Toe Late Pema Thinlay Dema Plot Transfer(4813/28931 Sq.ft. 6/0417
to 6/0517

TID#Transaction ID Number assingned by the Phuentsholing Land record section.Any appeal/complain/objection by anybody who is affected by the above transactions must be made in writing within above cited stipulated date without fail.