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Updating omited land in the tharm record

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Updating omitted land in the Thram record

Submit an application to PCC fulfilling the following:

  1. As provided in the Land Act 2007, landowner may submit an application for reinstatement of an omitted land to Thromde. The application shall be in the prescribed form OL (1).
  2. Thromde shall not entertain any application for reinstatement of omitted land if the period of omission of land from current thram is more than 5 years
  3. The landowner shall produce the lag thram of old thram before the thromde. Upon evaluation of the lag thram and cross verification of the old thram preceding the current thram, if the thromde finds that it is in contravention of the 1 and 2 of these rules, the landowner shall not be entitiled to the land in question
  4. If the period of omission is within 5 years, the Thromde shall verify the case and submit the report to the secretariat within 15 day
15 days Mr.Karna Ghaley