Municipal Finance and Management project

The development objectives of the Second Urban Development Project for Bhutan are to:

  1. Support Bhutan’s municipal reform program by strengthening municipal finance and management systems in Thimphu and Phuentsholing.

The first component of the project is municipal finance and management. This component aims at strengthening the institutional systems and processes of the two city corporations of Thimphu and Phuentsholing to enable them to function effectively as efficient, transparent and accountable urban local governments.

The second component of the project is capacity building. This component will provide resources for training programs, equipment, technical assistance, and studies based on the perceived needs of the Thimphu and Phuentsholing city corporations and of the Ministry of Works and Human Settlements (MoWHS).

Performance Reporting

The Performance Report has been prepared in the backdrop of the Policy Note on Performance Reporting and Design of Performance Reports issued under the BUDP II project. The indicators mentioned in the reports are based on the guidelines described in the performance manual.

Performance Measurement (PM) is a practice that many organizations use with a view to achieve desired level of effectiveness and efficiency in their functions/operations. It can also be served as a tool for strategic decision making and long term planning process. It is a technique for regular monitoring and reporting of the performance of various schemes and programmes, departments, or divisions of the organizations. PM is concerned with not only how much is being done, but also how efficiently, of what quality, and to what effect.

Performance measures in local government gauge the quantity, quality, efficiency, and the impact of the work of a city government. These measures usually focus on the work of crews, programs, or entire departments rather than the work of individual employees.

The performance indicators (PI) have been primarily classified into 4 core services covering 28 indicators and 7 other services covering 26 indicators.

The list of indicators is illustrated in Chapter 3 of this report.

Objective of the Report

The report will enable the Thromde Official to determine how efficiently and effectively the concerned departments or divisions are delivering services. It would provide an assessment of the quality of work the local body is doing and how successful it has been in satisfying beneficiaries’ needs and expectations.

It involves indicators that would ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Introduction of Performance Reporting in relation to service delivery at Thimphu Thromde and Phuentsholing Thromde aims to ensure that each Thromde is able to introduce a standard periodic monitoring mechanism to assess if their respective actual performance s in consonance with the vision, mission and objectives/ benchmarks established by each department/division of Thromdes. Its benefits include availability of framework for evaluation of performance of each service; Thromde are mandated to deliver effectively and efficiently.

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