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Planning Services

Process for correction of Plot number in the Thram

Submit an application to PCC along with following documents:

  1. New CID card
  2. Original Lag Thram
  3. Copy of updated cadastral map

Temporary Lease ( maximum of 6 months)=10 days
Short Term Lease ( maximum of 3 years)=10 days
Long Term Lease (maximum of 30 years)=30 days

Type of Services Procedure Time Frame Contact Person
Land Conveyance Submit an application to Phuentsholing Thromde along with following documents:

  1. Download the Transfer Form from our website or get it from Land Record Section and then submit the filled up Form to Land Record Section
  2. The form should be attached with the following documents:
    1. ID card copy of the Plotowner(Transferor) and the Transferee
    2. Internal Agreement (Original)
    3. Latest Ownership Certificate (Lag Thram) issued by NLCS in original
    4. NOC from family members(Original)
    5. Census details of both the transferor and transferee
    6. Site plan/cadestral map of the plot under transaction
    7. If the land is mortgaged then clearance from the concerned financial institutions.
  3. The completed filled up form should be submitted to the Land Record Section where both the Transferor and the Transferee should be present in person
  4. he Land Record Section will record the received date and provide transaction ID No. and send the documents for verification to various Section and Divisions
  5. The land record section prepares and checks the documents
  6. PCC forward’s the documents after having reviewed here in original to NLCS for further endorsement and approval
45 days Mr.Sherub Tenzin
Lease Land Submit an application with the following:

  1. Copy of Trade License
  2. Specify the purpose, duration and the area of government land for lease
  3. Sketch map of location
Mr.Sherub Tenzin