Royal civil Service Medal Award
110th National Day celebration
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Revenue Management System Training

Infrastructure Division

Infrastructure Division, under PCC is headed by an Executive Engineer. Division is manned by Assistant and Junior Engineers. (for detail refer organo-gram of PCC). Like any other division, Engineering Division functions directly under the supervision of Thrompon and the AFD of PCC. Basically, engineering division, in coordination with other divisions, prepare plans for infrastructure development; propose the budget for the activities to be implemented during the five year plan period and annual plan. Co-ordinate and implement activities under the projects such as ADB, DANIDA, etc. as deem appropriate.

The broad mandates of the division are as follows:

  1. Prepare infrastructures plan for five year and annual plan period for the city.
  2. Prepare annual and plan budget for the infrastructure development.
  3. Planning of infrastructures include drains, roads, parking
  4. spaces, foot paths, street lights, river training and river bank protection works, motor able bridges etc. Plan and identify projects for donors assistance.
  5. Plan and prepare project proposals, profiles, costings, etc. and submit to the government for approval- (presently ADB Project BHU 2258, worth 2.64m USD is in progress, DPR on Amo-Chu Flood
  6. Mitigation Project is completed through DANIDA Funding).
  7. Implementation of the infrastructures in the city.
  8. Co-ordinate and liaise with parent Ministry, inter division and other relevant agencies for efficient functioning.
  9. Attend any ad-hoc, emergency and unplanned assignments as and when necessary.


Sewerage section particularly looks after the sewewrage systems. The sewerage network and the sewerage treatment plant which was established in 1996 and expansion of the network is still moving ahead. The sewerage treatment plant which is located near Amo Chu treats the sewage produced from the entire network. The service charge for the sewerage works out to 50% of the water consumed bill. Any other sewerage related services are provided under this section.

Water Supply

Water Supply Section draws raw water from the various sources and treated with conventional treatment procedures at different treatment plants. As of now, the water is supplied on intermediate basis with the average supply hour of 11 Hours in a day. The billing and the water services are provided from the Water Supply Section which is truly dedicated for the water works only. The water supply bills are based on the following tarriff structure: