Royal civil Service Medal Award
110th National Day celebration
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Revenue Management System Training


Note : (Instructions)

  1. To download any of these files, please ‘right click’ on the Link and then click on ‘Save Link As..’.
  2. You need Acrobat Reader to Open the file.

Building Application Forms

  1. Checklist before submitting building plans – FORM C
  2. Application for Building Permit Process -FORM D
  3. Application for official survey map and demarcation of the plot-FORM B
  4. completion-certificate-Form J
  5. Application  Occupancy Certificate -FORM K

Land Transaction Forms
a) For individual Land

  1. Check List For Urban Land Transaction
  2. Application Form for Thromde Land Conveyance(FORM 1)
  3. Thromde Land Conveyance Survey Report Form(FORM 3)
  4. Landed Property from(Form 4)
  5. Power of Attorney(FORM 5)
  6. Mortgage Declaration Form(Land and Property Transaction)
  7. No Objection Form
  8. Ownership Declaration Form

Thromde Services Form

  1. New water supply connection form
  2. Defective Water Meter Replacement Form
  3. Lost Water Meter Replacement Form
  4. Water Meter Issue Form
  5. New Sewerage Connection Form

Census Form  

  1. Birth Registration form
  2. Frist time CID
  3. Name change and age correction form
  4. CID and SRP Lost form
  5. Change of citizen individualin formation and details of spouse form
  6. HoH_change Form
  7. CID and SRP Replacement and occupation change form
  8. Service Application Form BCRS-SAF-01
  9. Inter Dzongkhag
  10. Within Dzongkhag
  11. Within Gewog
  12. Census Regularization
  13. Up and down gradation form
  14. Census Regularization
  15. Death Reporting form

Office General Forms(These forms are for internal use of PT only)

  1. Requisition Form
  2. Leave Form
  3. Leave Encashment Form
  4. Travel Authorization
  5. Travel Tour Form