Royal civil Service Medal Award
110th National Day celebration
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Revenue Management System Training

DCD(Development Regulatory Division)

The overall mandate of the division is to ensure all the development activities within the Thromde Jurisdiction comply with the Development Control Regulations, Building rules and regulations/standards/codes/guidelines, and any circulars/notifications/decisions taken by the Ministry/Thromde Tshogde for provision of safe and comfortable living environment without compromising on traditional architectural /aesthetic values. The DRD is mandated to carry out the following activities:

  • Promote planned development in accordance with appropriate land use/precinct plans, control of squatter/ illegal settlements/encroachment of State Land  and regulation of commercial activities;
  • Issuance of construction/development permits/demolition permits in accordance with Traditional Architectural Guidelines, codes, standards, laws and rules.
  • Site monitoring/inspections to verify compliance of approved drawings.
  • Issue and renew occupancy at periodic intervals to ensure compliance to safety and other regulations;
  • Compliance of development/construction on State land on lease.
  • Site verification for issuance of entertainment licenses and monitoring of entertainment places in line with the Rules Governing Places and Programmes of Entertainment, 2014.
  • Issuance of time bound approval for entertainment activities in consultation with Entertainment Licensing Committee (ELC).
  • Verification of Site/Precinct Plan for issuance of Trade Licenses.
  • Site identification for dumping of construction waste materials in consultation with the management.
  • Verification and approval of locations for display of banners/advertisement boards.
  • Handling of queries and conflicts relating to Building Constructions and other Development within Thromde Area