Royal civil Service Medal Award
110th National Day celebration
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Revenue Management System Training

Finance Division

The main purpose of the division is to administer the day to day works of all other division and sections. Finance Division comprises of the following 2 sections:
  1. Revenue Section
  2. Procurement Section

Mandates & Functions

  • The main aims and the objectives of AFD are as follows:
  • To support administrative and efficient management of Thromde office.
  • Human Resource Development and management.
  • Prepare five year plan, annual budget, and manage revenue collection and judicious spending.
  • Overall financial management of Thromde.
  • Manages the general administration of an organization¬† by way of providing expertise in various matters related to the administration;
  • Develops appropriate policies and procedures that will enable the administrative function to operate smoothly; budget, procurement of office materials, etc.;
  • Ensure effective coordination of various activities of the organization as and when required. Attend to any other tasks assigned by the superiors.
  • Monitor and guide the administrative staffs to effectively carry out the administration, property management/maintenance, preparation of budget, procurement of office materials, etc.;
  • Formulate Organizational Human Resource Policy in relation to national economic policies, particularly fiscal and monetary policies, sectorial development plans, wage and incentive policies and technology policies;
  • Provide efficient and timely public service delivery to all the local residents