Royal civil Service Medal Award
110th National Day celebration
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Revenue Management System Training

Development Control Division Services

Type of Services Procedure Time Frame Contact Person
Permit/Approval for Major renovations/constructions(Roofing, Internal modifications, retaining wall, fencing, gate, temporary shed etc)
  1. Submits the application along with proposed darwings
  2. Site verification and inspection
  3. 3.Drawing scrutiny for approval
7 days Structural Engineer, DCD
Permit/Approval for Minor renovations/constructions(Whitewashing, painting, changing door-window shutters, ceilings, plinth protection, drainage etc)
  1. Submits the application
  2. Site verification and inspection
5 days Structural Engineer, DCD
Monitoring of building construction at various stages
  1. Verify building layout plan before starting the construction works
  2. Check for reinforcement and casting on footings and columns
  3. Check and verify for reinforcement and casting on plinth beams as per approved drawings
  4. Check and verify slab casting for each floors
  5. Verify roof projection and CGI sheetings
Routine Inspection Building Inspectors, DCD
Obtaining Occupancy Certificate (OC)
  1. Submits dully filled application form K along with completion certificate form J
  2. PCC and owner jointly verifies the completed building for issuance of OC
7 days Mr., Chief Building Inspector, DCD