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Public Announcements


Phuentsholing Thromde will be carrying out Demarcation and Survey of remaining plots
under Pekarzhing LAP as per Local Area Plan from 19 th February 2018. All the plot owners are requested to attend personally or send authorized representative on the schedule date without fail.Thromde will not accept any modification in the plan due to failure of plot owner to report on time and shall bear the cost of resurvey at
later stage.
For further enquiry please contact Mr. Sherab Tenzin # 17777450 or Mr. Pema Namgay
The tentative date for demarcation and survey can be downloaded from here.Work Plan

Announcement for Pre-Primary Admission for 2018

 “The Thromde Education Office, Phuentsholing Thromde announces that parents are requested to collect the Pre Primary (PP) admission forms for 2018 from the Thromde Education Office from 3rd October till    9th November 2017 during office hours. Please ensure that forms are collected on time to avoid complication later and ensure your child completes six years of age. Further, parents need to produce Child health Card and birth certificate from the Thromde and Dzongkhag Census and Registration Office during the collection of the admission forms from the Thromde Education office Phuentsholing.”

Distribution of forms:                                     – 3rd October – 9th November 2017

Submission of forms to Education Office:    – 13th November – 30th November 2017

Admission :                                                      – 13th December 2017

 Should there be any clarification required, contact this number 05-251990 during office hours.

Public Announcement/Notification

This is to notify Govt. Organization, NGOS. and general public as a whole that with the increase of human settlement in Thromde, the  water demand has also increased. It has become challenging for Phuentsholing Thromde to meet the demand of safe and treated water.

Thromde has observed lots of water losses in the town through; overflow water from the over head tanks (storage tank), leakages from underground tanks, household connected pipes, &washing of cars. (more…)