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Invitation for Quotation

Phuentsholing Thromde invites sealed quotation for Supplyof following Annual Running Quotations from eligible business firms having its office setup in and around Phuentsholing.

Package Name of Supplies Closing date & time Opening date & time
1 Supply of Stationeries, Printing and Sports Items.  



1.00 PM




2.00 PM

2 Supply of Toner Cartridges, IT equipment and AMC.
3 Supply of Hardware, Electrical, Laboratory and Construction Items.
4 Supply of Vehicle spare, Tyres and Maintenance
5 Supply of Tailoring, Field Dresses and safety items.
6 Supply of Furniture.
7 Catering Services.

The bidding documents may be purchased from procurement section or downloaded below:

SBD for all quotations
BoQ Catering
BoQ Electrical  & Hardware
BoQ Furniture

BoQ Safety
BoQ Stationary
BoQ Vehicle

*The deadline for  submission of Bids is on 25th May,2018 which is mistakenly written as 25th July,2017 in SBD.